Workers’ Party has ‘come together again’ after Raeesah Khan case: Pritam Singh

The party is also expanding its presence on social media with a new TikTok channel and podcast on Spotify. WP launched its HammerTok account on TikTok last week (Aug 5).

Miss Seah said that WP has a young base of volunteers and want to use such channels to engage in voter education as well as communicate some of the party’s activities “behind the scenes”.

The party is also restarting physical outreach with townhalls in Sengkang GRC moving from virtual to face-to-face, and resuming sales of its Hammer newsletter, said Sengkang MP and town council chair Louis Chua.

“We really focus on ground outreach – to reach out to our residents physically face-to-face to understand some of the concerns and issues … but at the same time, we also recognise that it’s important to expand on all the various communication channels and media out there, especially those which may be particularly relevant to our younger residents.”

But some aspects of the party’s outreach have not changed significantly, said Mr Singh.

“It’s still important for us to connect with the public and understand in certain local areas what are the issues that are important to residents and business operators there,” he said.

“I think really the question is the quality of that engagement … We of course want to understand the ground better … and in that regard, nothing really has changed.”

Responding to another reporter’s question, Mr Singh said that based on their outreach, cost of living issues have come up often among both younger and older residents.

“That’s a very pressing issue … I think those are issues that we’ve already put to the Government and I will continue watching this very closely.”