MATE MATE, the Caffeine Reimagined Drink, Starts Its Worldwide Expansion

MATE MATE is a Singapore Global Brand, owned by MATE MATE ASIA PTE LTD, founded by Mr. Victor Wang and Ms. Wang Zheng.

MATE MATE was first introduced to Asia in 2016 by the Mate Mate Asia team. Recently, the brand started its worldwide expansion plan with the goal of becoming a global leader in the category of Energy Drinks and Caffeinated Drinks.


MATE MATE is a Refreshing, Natural Energizing Beverage, perfect for anyone who is looking to make the most of their wakeful days & longer nights.

With its roots traced back to Berlin and Argentina in South America, the Company unites the core elements of MATE MATE: South American Vitality & Heritage with Berlin Urban Diversity & Versatility.

MATE MATE is made from leaves of the Maté tea plant (Yerba Maté), which have been enjoyed in Southern America for centuries; most prominently Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay. It was originally consumed by steeping the tea leaves into hot water – simply because it tastes great and provides the extra caffeine kick.

So MATE MATE just developed their vision of a modern maté drink: a crisp, sparkling refreshment drink, made from the green maté leaf and with low sugar content. The result: maximum energy with 75 milligrams of caffeine in each 250ml can, which is best served chilled.

Our exclusive Maté-Tea species is called ‘ilex paraguariensis’: the king of the maté plants.

MATE MATE starts by slowly and gently fermenting its green leaves and then only briefly heating them – not roasting, as is the case with many other maté drinks

MATE MATE is sweetened with agave syrup. This is well worth the effort because it creates a distinctive and particularly mild and fruity taste.

With its uniquely refreshing taste it shows higher functionality while at the same time has less sugar calories than most of the competing products in the market which include traditional energy drinks, caffeinated soft drinks, and tea-based soft drinks.

Ultimately, MATE MATE has become a great substitute for coffee and for energy drinks.

MATE MATE provides:

  • Authentic taste and a natural source of caffeine. MATE MATE positions itself as a refreshing alternative to coffee – perfect for anyone who is looking to make the most of their wakeful days & longer nights.
  • An epic kick, and a crash-free energy experience. With caffeine content comparable to that of coffee, MATE MATE provides a long lasting, sustained, energy experience, which improves mental focus, unlike that of coffee or other energy drinks.
  • Less sugar & less calories than most soft drinks.
  • Vegan & free of lactose.
  • No preservatives.


Today’s consumers are becoming more health conscious, and are actively seeking out better and more natural sources of caffeine. They are not only looking for beverages to quench their thirst, they are also seeking products with beneficial and functional ingredients.

Compared to Coffee:

  1. Easier on digestion
  2. More refreshing taste
  3. More convenient packaging, anytime, anywhere

Compared to traditional Energy Drinks:

  1. Natural Mate Tea
  2. Clean and healthier ingredients
  3. Lower sugar and lower calorie
  4. Refreshing Taste

MATE MATE Lifestyle:

  1. When you study/work, and are in need of mind focus
  2. When you do sports, for a better performance and energy recovery
  3. During long hours of Programming & E-gaming
  4. Night-life Partying, for a better night experience

MATE MATE is open-minded, creative and playful; it represents that with its unique, brightly-coloured packaging, inspired by indigenous patterns of South America, spreading warm-hearted, positive energy.

In the 80-90s Maté carbonated drinks had developed a following among computer hacker circles and tech start-ups, all working long hours. Then as the birthplace of electronic and techno music, Berlin celebrated its boom with Maté energy drinks in the 90s. As a witness to the greatest street party in history – Love Parade – Maté drinks energized millions during the festival. Since then, Maté drinks have flooded into the clubbing and music scene in Berlin and beyond.

MATE MATE Target audience:

1. Adventurers, Trendsetters & Go-Getters: Curious & Active
Students, Creatives, Artists, Outdoor Fans who:

  • Stay ahead of trends
  • Always on the lookout for new adventures & experiences
  • Are motivated and driven to make the most out of every day & night

2. Performers & Adrenaline Junkies: Busy & Ambitious
Professionals, Digital Natives, Young Performers who:

  • Lead an active lifestyle
  • Are likely to participate regularly in high-intensity sports or other sport activities
  • Live in a digital world, part of the time
  • Are most active during the day

3. Night Owls & Pleasure Seekers: Creative & Restless
Fans of Nightlife, DJ’s, Bartenders, Dancers, Partygoers, Gamers who:

  • Enjoy a good night out
  • Are pleasure seekers who never want the night to end
  • Are interested in music, film, art, games

Currently in Singapore, MATE MATE can be purchased in Cold Storage, Market Place, Jason’s Deli, Shell, SPC, Lazada, Red Mart.

Victor Wang
[email protected]
Instagram: matemate.official
Facebook: matematebrand