Genting Cruise Lines: Seven Ships Now in Service for Three Brands – Cruise Industry News

Crystal Endeavor

Seven cruise ships from three different brands are now sailing again for Genting Cruise Lines.

As the first major cruise corporation to return to service, Genting has been sailing continuously since mid-2020.

With worldwide itineraries, the three brands are offering a mixture of cruises, including short seacations, luxury voyages and expedition cruises.

Dream Cruises
Status: Entire three-ship fleet now in service
Ships: Genting Dream, World Dream and Explorer Dream
Regions: Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Dream Cruises has its entire fleet back in action in Asia. The premium brand has been operating since July 2020.

At the moment, Dream is offering three different products, including short cruises to nowhere from Singapore with the World Dream. In a similar operation from Hong Kong, the World Dream is currently amidst a two-week operational pause required by the local authorities.

Based in Taiwan, the Explorer Dream recently returned to service as well. The vessel is now offering domestic sailings in the country from Keelung.

Crystal Cruises
Status: Entire three-ship fleet in service
Ships: Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Endeavor
Regions: Caribbean, Mediterranean and Antarctica

Genting’s luxury brand, Crystal Cruises also has its entire fleet now back in service. In January, the operator is offering cruises in the Caribbean and Antarctica aboard its three ships.

Sailing from Miami, the Crystal Symphony and the Crystal Serenity are presently cruising in the Caribbean.

On Jan. 17, the Serenity is starting its 132-night world cruise. With a revised itinerary, the voyage includes calls upon 82 ports in 32 countries around the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Crystal’s new expedition vessel, the Crystal Endeavour, is also in service, offering cruises to Antarctica, the Falklands and South Georgia.

Star Cruises
Status: One ship in service
Ship: Star Pisces
Regions: Asia – Malaysia

After a long hiatus, Star Cruises welcomed its guests back on Dec. 22. The contemporary brand is now offering domestic cruising in Malaysia with the Star Pisces.

The vessel is sailing from Penang, with two different itineraries – the one-night Straits of Malacca cruise and the two-night Langkawi Escape cruise.

Previously in 2020, Star Cruises had two ships briefly used as accommodation vessels. Docked in Singapore, the SuperStar Gemini and the SuperStar Aquarius housed foreign workers recovering from COVID-19.