Build a new economic engine, lead the new direction of wealth – APF Asia Pacific football officially launched

Seek diversified development with a global perspective, and forge new heights of token economy. The world’s first Web3 sports game platform APF Asia Pacific football officially launched! Innovate the whole chain token mechanism, in a decentralized way, to achieve a real win-win situation!

APF Asia Pacific Football is the world’s first online sports game platform. The founding team consists of senior fintechs from New York, Singapore and Europe.

APF Asia Pacific Sports, exclusive four identity NFT empower players rights! Innovate the token mechanism, use pledge mining to generate tokens for participating in online sports competitions, let the token holders enjoy the platform income forever, and achieve true decentralization and equity empowerment, so that the players and the platform grow together!

The APF Blockchain Mall system uses blockchain technology to uniquely identify specific sports industry digital works, artworks and commodities. Each sports industry star’s digital collection maps a unique serial number to a specific blockchain and cannot be tampered with, separated or replaced. The blockchain mall system can be made into virtual products, such as music and paintings, and can also be combined with objects with commemorative significance, such as the football star commemorative coins blockchain mall, collectible digital mall, etc. By marking digital files on the blockchain, goods can clarify the relationship between rights holders and users.

The NFT has redefined the trading of equity values in digital assets, creating a new system of creators, investors and trading platforms. After the completion of the blockchain mall system, the biggest change brought by NFT is to redefine the consumption mode of culture, art and other virtual goods in the digital era, so that the copyright of more excellent content can be better protected, and then more interactive way to appreciate and collect, so as to stimulate more people to participate in the creation. As long as they are talented, they will be seen and will inject vitality into more digital art.

To join APF Asia Pacific Sports is to embrace opportunities, wealth and the future!